Top 10 Reasons We are Grateful for Dad

//Top 10 Reasons We are Grateful for Dad

Father’s Day is near, and at PrintSpace3D we know how hard working Dads make a difference in the world. PrintSpace3D was started by a hard working dad who wanted to make a difference, and we know that each day millions of Dads go off to work to try and make their own difference in their families, communities, and countries, all around the world. You teach your children important lessons and make fun memories with them. You endure the struggles of this world to help your families have a bright future and safe place in this world.

Here at PrintSpace 3D, we wanted to do something a little bit special for you Dads out there, so we asked our employees to tell us why they were grateful for their Dads, and we made a list of the top 10 answers. We wanted to share it to say thanks for all you’ve done.

So Dad,

From the PrintSpace 3D Team, thanks for:

  1. Being there when I needed you.
  2. Always being there even when I didn’t notice.
  3. Teaching me to treat women with respect.
  4. Teaching me to work with my hands.
  5. Being my role model.
  6. Never giving up on me.
  7. Teaching me to love learning.
  8. Teaching me to believe that nothing is impossible.
  9. Believing in me.
  10. Helping me grow into who I am.

As you go about your day, we hope you can reflect on these things and know that your kids out there are grateful for you and the example you’re setting. From everyone here at PrintSpace 3D, we just want to say, Thanks Dad! We know it wasn’t always easy being Dad, but we appreciate you.

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