I love the heck out of this printer! It is definitely paying for itself.
Kaleb Hillman, Hillman Radiator & Air Conditioning Service
The PrintSpace Altair has been a great printer for me to start out on. It is extremely easy to use while giving me the ability to use more advanced settings and material as my knowledge and understanding grows. This printer has the most consistent quality of any other printer I have used. While many printers have a 50% or higher fail rate, I’ve been able to get those numbers down below 5% with heavy use printing. Because I use the printers to print items that I sell, this is extremely important to me. Not only is the printer more consistent, I am able to achieve that high quality at speeds faster than my other printers. Honestly, I wish all of my printers were Altair’s.
Ty S., Celestial Statues
I used to use Shapeways for printing prototypes. Now with Altair it is quicker for me to get stuff done. I am happy with the choice of materials Altair can print with – I really like the flexible filament.
Jade T., Cassette Sunglasses
I am co-founder and engineer at JAK Research LLC in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I am the proud owner of an Altair 3D printer from Printspace 3D. My company is focused on research and development of new electromechanical components using high-power rare earth magnets. I purchased the Altair system with the intent of being able to quickly, easily, and affordably create custom designed components for experimental purposes and testing in our new product designs.

I have researched many, many 3D printing technologies, and when I compared the capabilities of Altair, cost, technical support, and overall design to all other competitors, I found it to be the best choice. I have owned my Altair for several months now, and have definately put it through it’s paces! I have successfully printed components for use in our research and development of all sizes and complexities.

The Altair has demonstrated a precision and quality of 3D printing unlike anything I have witnessed from any other 3D printer. It is fast, quiet, and has the perfect size footprint to allow me to use it on my desktop in my lab without having it be in the way of my other work. It creates the very highest quality of end product using virtually any type of printing filament.

The Altair is truly a magnificent product. The only thing that trumps the printer itself if the customer service and support that has been provided to me by the admin. and staff at PrintSpace 3D. I have had questions about the optimal settings to use on my printer and they were all quickly and effectively resolved. PrintSpace 3D has gone above and beyond my expectations with both their quality of product and excellent customer service!

I would HIGHLY recommend the PrintSpace Altair 3-D printer to the most particular of artists, inventors, engineers, and creators of great new things. This Altair 3D Printer is the clearly defined future of excellent and superior technology in 3D printing systems.

Justin Kidd, JAK Research LLC
I really like my little printer. It’s working nicely with the hot bed. I’ve been running the test parts that “Make” magazine runs on printers for their “Printer Shootout” and so far it is passing with flying colors.
Rob M., Lewis & Clark College
I LOVE this printer. Hands-down the most fun I’ve had with 3D printing, and the most success I’ve had with a 3D printer. I’m very excited about what I can make with this machine. Thank you for making it!
Ryan R., Hacker Lab
I am a design engineer at a Scaled Composites, a prototype aircraft company. Although I got my Altair printer for personal use, I ended up taking it to work because of the convenience of making great prints right at my desk. I can print at the same quality and faster than my company’s machine that costs over $50K, plus I don’t have to wait for the machine to become available.

When I need it at home, I can easily take it with me when I leave and have it printing perfectly with no setup (other than auto-calibration) before we sit down for dinner. My Cub Scout son just printed a prototype Pinewood Derby car he designed on SketchUp. Together we learned a lot about the design process before he built the final car.

When I decided on Altair, I looked at a lot of different printers and decided that this one gives the best speed, quality, print volume, and versatility for the price. I especially love that I can print with so many different filaments and that I’m not required to use proprietary ones.

If you are looking for quality and utility, there’s not a better printer you can find at this price.

Mike J., Design Engineer, Scaled Composites
We recently acquired the Altair 3D printer from Printspace and have used it heavily this semester. I must say that I’m very impressed with the printer! It’s just plain dependable. We’re getting better prints than we were getting with our older (and much more expensive) printer! The price per print is very inexpensive, allowing more students to be able to utilize the printer for “real-time” prototyping of different projects. It has changed the way that some of our engineering courses are taught as students can make several different prototypes within a short period of time. It’s easy to use, rock solid, and simply performs as a quality piece of equipment should. Additionally, the customer service provided by the folks at Printspace has been incredible. It was a great investment for our department!
Kyle K., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University-Idaho
I had my students each research a 3D printer in the same price range. They presented their findings to the class and revealed why their choice was best for our class. They wanted to invite the principal to hear their presentation, which we did. After they were done and the persuasive discussions concluded, I showed them the Altair webpage. We reviewed the list of materials that it can print, the object print size and the open design. I didn’t have to talk very hard to get them to favor the Altair. In part, because of their research time and effort they were very excited to get it ordered. I have had very few things that students have been more excited about in a classroom setting than printing something that they designed. We are continuing to learn things that work best, but this learning is something that they are anxious to learn.
John Hansen, Teacher
This is the sexiest 3D printer I’ve ever seen!
Kevin Roemer, CTO, Brandless