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About PrintSpace 3D

We are a trusted company, known for excellence that professionals and technical educators come to for 3D printers, materials expertise, and products. 


What We Do

We work with scientists and engineers across the globe to create high-performance 3D printing technology for serious designers who want to efficiently create prototypes and end-use products. We provide productive solutions to our customers by merging engineering grade materials with reliable, innovative technology and superior customer service. We inspire students, communities, and individuals to dream, create, and contribute.


Promise to Our Customers:

PrintSpace 3D isn’t about us. It’s about you. What is YOUR idea? How can we help YOU make it a reality? We guarantee to our customers that we will push the edge of new materials and new processes to give you an edge in the creation process. We will continue developing cutting-edge technology and advanced materials that will make your current impossible idea a reality in the near future.


Mark Jaster, Founder

PrintSpace 3D has extensive experience in Additive Manufacturing. Founder, Mark Jaster, has worked with 3D printing for many years, including creating processes for in-orbit space satellite fabrication, and work at NASA. He was granted a patent for a hypersonic coil design and has several other patents pending.

For over 10 years Mark has focused on new technology development and advanced materials. He has extensive lab experience in all aspects of the R&D process and has worked with advanced metallics, ceramic, and carbon fiber composites. Mark has also received numerous awards for new technologies and was co-authored and recognized in multiple publications for materials processing and research contributions.